Thursday, December 18, 2008

About the St. Camillus Center

HIV/AIDS is felt throughout Lesotho, orphaning children who later become young caretakers. Hospital care is not an option for most patients as a result of transportation logistics, including poor roads and lack of funds for public transportation, limited hospital beds and high hospital expenses. Therefore, in Lesotho being cared for at home is the cultural norm.
Founded in 2002, St. Camillus Center is a grassroots campaign to help people infected and affected by the AIDS epidemic by taking a multi-faceted approach to dealing with HIV/AIDS. Trainings are held both at the center's headquarters as well as in the villages its serves. The Center assists over 39 villages within the Mohale’s Hoek district with one or more of the following:· Training and support of home-based caregivers· Medical supplies for the home-based care kits· Cultivation of a large scale garden for orphans, patients, and income generation·Trainings on creation and maintenance of keyhole gardens and double digging plots, Trainings about good nutrition and HIV/AIDS· Counselling for those living with or affected by HIV/AIDS· Counselling and testing for HIV/AIDS, Clothing and food for orphans· Education on human rights of orphans and people living with HIV/AIDS· In-school and out-of-school youth workshops concerning HIV/AIDS prevention and care, life skills, and self-reliance skills·

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